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History Contemporary With Biblical Origin

I have become aware that there are folks who honestly do not wish to consider history outside of what is written in the Bible. These are well-meaning people who believe so vehemently in the Bible and so distrust historians that they are unwilling to look outside of the Bible's "cone" of history from Adam and Eve to the present. While it seems an ostrich-like approach to me, I guess we're all different. But it is my belief that having a little wider scope of knowledge is a better course.

I think it is well established by even Biblical scholars that no original copies exist of the Old Testament. I think it is also fairly well established that the first committing of the stories of the Old testament to writing, though traditionally held to have been written around 1458-1400 BC, actually occurred around the time of Ezra around 900 BC. Without question, the nearly complete copy of Isaiah found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, is nearly identical to what we find in the Bible today. So I concede, that copying techniques of these old books has been pretty accurate from the time they were written until now. But this says nothing about where, how and why these stories and documents originated in the first place. To restate: the fact that Isaiah has remained pretty well intact from the time of its writing until now says nothing about the validity of the stories in the book of Genesis.

So for folks who don't want to investigate what historians of today have to offer, I think, though they may not like me speaking for them, their view is something like this: Moses and others orally transmitted events such as creation and Adam and Eve, which they believed to have occurred 2400 years before their existence together with their contemporary history for 200 to 300 years until it was written down.

For those who wish to benefit from the knowledge at our disposal today, it is fairly evident that someone in the court of King Solomon wrote the first pieces of what we know today as Genesis, Exodus and Numbers around 900 BC. For lack of knowing that person's name, that person is referred to as "J".

For the short term in this blog, I am going to post some of the things which were happening in the contemporary world of King David and King Solomon, as I feel that it has a bearing upon the stories found in the Old Testament.

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