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Dr. Clendenon's book "SURRENDER OF SOVEREIGNTY" is now avaible through major bookstores:, or Barnes & Noble, and is also available in the Kindle format compatible wtih PC, iMac, iPad, iPhone, 3G, Wi-Fi and Blackberry.


SOS: Another Sneek Peek

"Hypnosis involves an authority figure and a willingness of a person to receive suggestions from that figure. When people read what they consider to be holy writings, expecting to hear from God as they read and are willing to act upon that perceived revelation, a dangerously hypnotic situation arises. Surrender of Sovereignty, Chapter 11, Christianity a Bed for Fanaticism.

This example of Pastor Jim Jones, who took his flock from California to Guyana and then led them to commit mass suicide, is an extreme example to be sure; but when people give up their sense of reason to believe fantastic theories or fables, the same scenario plays out on a more hidden subtle scale. Submission can be made to not only charismatic individuals, but also to ideas and old Books that have been around and believed so long that it's become a comfortable status quo.

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