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Killing for God

Here is a man (see link to article below) who has surrendered to the religion of Islam and the idea that his God will speak to him. I do not doubt that he has attended religious services somewhere and hears or reads his sacred scriptures from time to time. I do not doubt that he prays. I do not doubt that he believes that God is a personal God to him. So as his mind wakes up one morning, and all the memories in his mind flood together-- memories of his childhood, memories of his life, memories of his religious experiences, memories of sermons heard, memories of scriptures-- a thought forms in his mind. The mind is doing what it is designed to do. It boots up all the data that has been entered into this mind during its lifetime and formulates some ideas for the day. These ideas can be rejected or acted upon. In his case, he believed that the words that formed in his mind were the words of God. And he chose to act upon them. Here we see scriptures, faith, devotion, relationship and a willingness to act.

Now Christians will probably think he's listening to the Devil. But nearly every religion feels that other religions are listening to the wrong deity or taking the wrong path in some way. I'm sure that this man feels that Christians are infidels and listening to Satan. I submit that a thought came up into his mind, based on all the data entered during his lifetime; and because he believed that he had a personal relationship with God, he took that thought to be from God. Expressing his devotion and faith he chose to act upon it.

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Here is the link for the news clip: - Wis. man charged with killing 4 relatives in Ill.

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