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Jesus Throws Out The Welcome Mat

Fathima Ritqa Bary article

The link above takes you to a news article about a 17 year old girl who converted from Islam to Christianity at great risk to her life. Now, having been diagnosed with a malignant form of uterine cancer she asks her Christian friends to pray for her.

To me it seems like a very poor time for God to test her faith. If Christianity were true, wouldn't it be gentlemanlike for God to honor this brave little girl's faith and let her bask in a bit of warm sunshine for a while. Maybe at least until her family stops trying to kill her. Let's see how all these solicited prayers help this young lady.

I challenged a close Christian friend once to keep track of all her prayer requests as well as answers to those prayers for a couple of months, and I would pray to the Lamp in my living room for the same time period. We could compare our prayer statistics. There was not any noticeable difference. In fact, I think my Lamp did better.

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