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How I Increased My Income By 10-20% And Enjoy Much More Free Time

For the record, I do not support the above video, but rather find it sadly humorous.

The Bible mentions the principal of a "hundred-fold" return on seeds planted in faith (things lost or given up for the Lord's sake) . That particular verse along with verses in Malachi about not robbing God and withholding your tithe and offerings are handy tools to encourage congregations to loosen their purse strings. Here is an example of a nut claiming to be visited by an Angel of Finance.

I was faithful to pay tithe most of my life. After learning about the "hundred-fold" return mentioned by Jesus, I increased my "faith seed" to a double tithe. I sold my travel trailer and motorcycle and gave their proceeds to what I believed to be a cause that ministered to the Lord. The texts in Malachi 3:8-11 say to prove God in this thing, and see if he will not pour out a blessing too great to receive. Expecting my finances to blow wide open, after quite few years I had to admit that my finances were in worse shape than ever. At length, and for the past ten years I have stopped going to church and stopped paying any tithe. Guess what? My income has gone up by 10-20%, and I have about 15% more free time to get all my wife's honeydo"s done.

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