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Why I Believe In Intelligent Design

Coryanthes speciosa, a Bucket Orchid, remains one of the reasons why I still believe in a designer of what we find in nature.

A specific insect, looking for the sweet nectar of this orchid, falls into the bucket. Unable to escape, it finds a narrow trap door in the side of the bucket. As it crawls out, the orchid glues two symmetrically placed pollen pods onto the back of the insect. When the insect falls into the bucket of another Coryanthes speciosa and tries to escape through the trap door once more, two little devices shave the two pollen pods off the insect's back and pollination is complete.

Call me simple if you like, but I do not believe that even over billions of years this process would evolve. To me it speaks of design. I may not believe in the current popular views regarding god, but for me this is enough to entertain the idea of intelligent design. And just because right wing Christianity has crawled into bed with intelligent design, it doesn't follow that one who believes intelligent design must be a Christian.

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