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Fault The Book, Not The People

Does this picture disturb anyone like it disturbs me?

I wasn't at this noisy meeting, but I've been in some just like them. The Bible says in Mark 16 that signs would follow anyone who believes. And one of those signs would be that they would lay hands on the sick and the sick would recover. Another sign would be that they would speak in new tongues.

These folks, no doubt, were just acting out their faith in the Bible. Laying their hands on this little girl, babbling in tongues, and really "praying this thing through." It does seem strange that no women were laying their hands on the little girl. When such a revered book is placed in the hands of people of all walks of life, all kinds of noisy lunatic mayhem can result. But it's very easy to fault the people. Looking back, I still respect the people who did this sort of thing more than those who prefer ONLY laying on of hands by Elders of the church. Because the Bible clearly says that both ways are used.

The conclusion I"ve come to is that I do not believe the Bible is harmonious or the inspired Word of God. It says one thing here, and one thing there. So some churches think that believers laying on hands and praying in tongues is of the Devil. And the other folks think that churches who don't let believers lay on hands and speak in tongues are dead and lack Spirit. I think the Bible says many different things within its conglomeration of letters, poems and folk stories; and is kindling for fires of discord among its believers. In the first four chapters of Surrender of Sovereignty, I lay out in simple terms where and how the Bible came into existence. It may be a little messier than you thought.

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