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Dreams Sacrificed (Part 2 of 6)

 Dental School Graduation: A Dream Milestone

The purpose of this series of posts is to demonstrate how in my life, religion restricted and short-circuited my dreams.  It is not that I think anyone is particularly interested in my personal history, but I do think religion's effect upon my life and dreams could be of value to others.

This day in 1973 was indeed a wonderful milestone for Judy and me.  We had both worked so hard to accomplish this goal.  The future looked full of possibilities.  Our parents had been very supportive and we all celebrated the occasion.

But since this series of posts will chronicle the relationship of our dreams with our religious experience, I will note the following facts:

1. We were both raised Seventh-day Adventists.

2.  Neither of us was raised to the strict standards of the church's primary messenger of God, Ellen G. White.  This means that we both ate clean meats such as beef, chicken, fish etc. Both of our families were okay with outdoor recreation such as boating, swimming, exploring on the Sabbath day.  Judy's family was more liberal than mine in that they would go to a restaurant on the Sabbath day.  But my family, while they would never consider going to anything which required another person to work for us on Sabbath, were okay with tennis, baseball, football, skiing, etc. as long as it was not organized but just for fun.  So the net result of this was that at this  point in life we could see that our church's standards of conduct were open to individual interpretation.

3. Although we were both Seventh-day Adventists and attended church occasionally, we did not practice it much.  I remember going to the Santa Anita Race Track and betting on the horses on Sabbath.  We felt free to have alcoholic drinks whenever it suited us. But still, in the back of our minds, we believed Seventh-day Adventism to be true. We knew that when we started to have children we would probably have to wise up and get with the program.  :-)

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