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Christianity and the Bible: A Fertile Bed For Fanaticism

I know the feeling my tired canine friend!  I've promised my blog that in the next post I would address the entry levels of faith.  But the crazy Christian fanatics are making more news than I can keep up with.  One of the subjects I feel strongly about and have blogged multiple times before this is the fact that the Bible, being written by so many different people over such a long time is actually dangerous.  The Bible has been spread all over the world  and put into the hands of  the commoner as well as the theologian.  And in the hands of everyday people the Bible, that for me is an uninspired book embellished and pieced together by those with vested interest, becomes a tool for fanatics and creates chaos and division around the world.

Two current cases in point that I will call your attention to and not even comment upon are:

1. A young man who claims to have the Biblical gifts of the Holy Spirit, and will ask God questions for you and relay God's answer back to you for $150.  Here is the link.

2. A group that thinks they've got it all figured out and are teaching their followers and anyone else who will listen that the Saints will be raptured up to God on May 21, 2011, and that the end of the world will take place October 21, 2011.  Here's the link for these crazies.

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