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25 Things I Like

I spend most of my blog posts challenging the status quo of religion.  I think one could rightfully ask if there is anything I do like. I do enjoy life, and there are many things that I enjoy.

I write this blog to generate interest in my recently published book, Surrender of Sovereignty.  But I think today I will write down those things which I find particularly nice about life:  some things philosophical and some things material.

25 Things I Like

1. I enjoy being useful and of value, and enjoy not being dead weight.
2.  I enjoy clearly defining my purpose in life. Satisfaction comes more frequently for me when I look at the root motivation for the things I do and think.
4. I enjoy loving and being loved, but also enjoy the freedom to choose who and what I want to love.  I relish the freedom of not feeling like I have to love everyone, especially my enemies.
5. I enjoy striving to have an open mind and experiencing new things. 
6. I love non-conformity.
7.  Independence and freedom to make my own choices are wonderful, not to mention a basic necessity.
8. I enjoy showing respect to those who deserve it.  I enjoy getting respect when I deserve it.
9. I enjoy technology when it makes life better.
10.  I love the solitude of remote places.
11. I enjoy the reduction of background noise afforded by a couple of drinks.
12. I like experiencing new things with my senses: new food, new music, and different feelings.
13. I love being responsible for my own actions,   and I hold others responsible for their actions.  I enjoy owing nobody anything other that what I have promised them, and I expect nothing from anyone except that which they have promised me.
14.  I respect fairness.  I love justice.
15. I like honest easy-to-understand conversation.  You may not like me if I have to read between the lines.
16. I like dignity, but I hate pride.
17. I enjoy the commonality of all people.  I do not like class distinction or anyone thinking they are better than another.
18. I enjoy humor. 
19. I believe we all should laugh more at our mistakes and stop suing each other over them.  Sure some mistakes are costly and terrible, but not as costly as what we've given up by holding everyone to such a tight standard. I know some mistakes have to be taken seriously, but we need to move the bar much lower.
20. Political correctness is a disease.  It is the accommodation of the irritatingly thin skin of others.  I love racial humor, religious humor and off-color humor.
21. I love ethnic diversity.  I relish exposing myself to different beliefs, cultures, and cuisines; and I expect you to buck up if I tease you about it.  I consider every human being, regardless of sex or race, of equal intrinsic value.  If one adds to their intrinsic value a lot of ridiculous baggage, I feel free to not like you, associate with you, or speak well about you.
22. I like meat and potatoes, custard,coffee, glazed doughnuts, dry Italian salami, beer, good pizza, Mexican food, sushi, Hagen Daz coffee ice cream, and Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream.
23. I believe women are just as intelligent as men.  I believe skin color has no effect upon one's intelligence.
24. I think that hope is one of our greatest assets.  Disillusionment and lost hope are our worst detriments.
25.  I love liquid water: oceans, rain, rivers, lakes, swimming pools, and bathtubs.

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