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Authority Figure + Suggestible Members = A Holy Ghost Hoedown

I wish I could say I've never had anything to do with this kind of thing, but I have.  The Pastors push so hard on you that if you're submissive to what's going on, you don't resist and fall down.  Once down, you don't want to admit you're faking it, so you keep your eyes closed.  Some folks thrash around to add a little realism.  In some cases folks see what's happening and want to believe it will happen to them, and when the Pastor shouts at them, or whacks them with his hands, or snaps them with a town like this guy did, folks go along with it and fall down.  I was an Elder in one of these congregations, and I believe this stuff is pure BS plus a little light hypnosis to boot.  Hypnosis, as many do not realize, is frequently accomplished within the realm of consciousness.  The subjects will swear they were not hypnotized,  but then  follow the suggestions that were made to them by the authority figure while they allowed themselves to be in an receptive and easily suggestible state.

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