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God-fearing Murder - Another One Bites The Dust!

Poor Murray Seidman and Bible-thumping John Thomas

Yes, God must be pleased with those who exercise  faith in his Word.  For example, 28-year old John Thomas spent much time visiting his 70 year old friend Murray Seidman. Eventually John began to feel that 70 year old Murray was making sexual advances toward him.  He prayed to God about it.  Eventually, after finding God's admonition to stone homosexuals in the Old Testament of the Bible, John said God told him while he was praying to stone Murray.  So he put some rocks and batteries in a sock and bludgeoned Murray to death, praise God.  Seidman was developmentally challenged, now he's dead. 

The Bible, with its highly questionable origin, changed, highly edited, and embellished, is like a loaded gun given to a little child when placed in the hands of idiots like Thomas.  And the problem is, Thomas is just one of many millions of religious folks who claim God tells them things during prayer and Bible study.

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