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The Hypnotic Trance Of Religion

Christian Mediation And Prayer Using The Bible

It seems sacrilegious to infer that following a religious faith is a hypnotic trance.  As you gasp, consider a line from my book Surrender of Sovereignty: "And I was willing to question anything, particularly those things generally held too sacred to question, because it is a truth that error can cloak itself with no greater disguise than to be too holy for examination." I am disgusted that so many people are so lazy that they would rather sail along in the faith of their fathers and mothers than think for themselves and allow their faith to be tested by an open process of questioning.  There seems to be a prevalent attitude among Christians, some Jews, and Muslims that it is unnecessary and unwise to question the ancient pillars of their faith.  

Oh they tell me they are willing to question, but the fact is that most of those I come in contact with are only willing to perform "internal audits."  I don't have many friends who are Muslims; most of my experience is within Christianity.  I know people who will not read my book because they feel the Bible is the only book they need to read.  I have asked many if they've ever read books about dinosaurs or the Ice Ages, and have heard answers like, "I'm afraid if I start reading that garbage that I will begin to lose my faith and start doubting."

Muslim in prayer
I don't believe Christianity, Islam or Judaism will hold up under "external audits."  They have to stick to their books, their authorities, and their traditions. I believe it is a form of hypnosis which holds them within their narrow cloistered environments.  I know this will not be met with open arms by these "cloisterees," but most religious people are reluctant to acknowledge or look into the the concept of hypnosis and its relationship to the human mind.

Hypnosis is the relaxing of the mind and body in the presence of a trusted source of suggestion, allowing changes in the thinking and behavior of the subject. Hypnosis can range from subtle self-hypnosis, to conscious conversational hypnosis, to deeper therapeutic post-hypnotic suggestion.  I am not an expert on the subject of hypnosis, yet I have read up on it probably a lot more than most within the ranks of the monotheistic religions.  Hypnosis can be as subtle as a dentist saying in a calm voice, "Now this isn't going to hurt" to post-hypnotic suggestion where the cooperating subject clucks like a chicken when they hear a "trigger" word spoken at a later time.

But whatever the level of hypnosis, there are basic elements which are present; and as these elements are variables, the type and depth of hypnosis also can vary.  Here are the basic elements:

1. Relaxation
2. Trust/Trance
3. Suggestion
4. Response To Suggestion

Ellen G. White in a 'trance-like" state
I believe this is why if you ask a Christian for reasons certain doctrines of their faith are contradictory to current knowledge  in archaeology and science, some will respond, "We'll just have to wait until we get to Heaven and let Jesus explain it to us."  I will expound in the next post, but I believe Christians, Muslims and followers of Judaism are in a self-induced trance, and unless they are willing to take an unbiased look at the trust they misguidedly place in their straw Gods, Bibles, Torahs, and Korans, the trance cannot be broken.

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