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Dr. Clendenon's book "SURRENDER OF SOVEREIGNTY" is now avaible through major bookstores:, or Barnes & Noble, and is also available in the Kindle format compatible wtih PC, iMac, iPad, iPhone, 3G, Wi-Fi and Blackberry.


Bible Thumper Finds His Way Out Of The Christian Maze

I would like to tip my hat to Tom Crawford in Northern Ireland.  Tom is a former health service worker who followed Christianity most of his life and now has followed his mind and heart out to Atheism.

Although I am currently comfortable with being an Agnostic, I feel the big jump is the jump out of monotheistic religion.  In my mind whether to be an Atheist or and Agnostic is another matter for the mind and heart.  So Cheers Tom.  Good luck with the book.  And if my readers want to check out his site click HERE.

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