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The Queen James Bible: Another Version and Why Not?

The Queen James Version of the Holy Bible
There are nearly 100 and maybe more versions of the Holy Bible.  There are nearly 50 versions of portions of the bible.  Many of the translations came into existence in order to correct what the revisers viewed as misinterpretations or incorrect spins put upon the scriptures by previous translators. Jehovah's Witness, for example, strongly advocate the exclusive use of The New World Translation of the Bible, that they believe corrects false translations and editing by previous translators.  I have observed within my relatives a special preference for The Clear Word translations.  I believe they prefer it because it is kind to their unique views of the law and their dislike of glossolalia as practiced by evangelical charismatic sects of Christianity.  I have found that the New International Version is more friendly to the charismatic community.  But it is obvious  that Christian folks use scriptures that promote their spin on the Christian story.  

So I say "Bravo," to gays and lesbians for introducing their version/translation of the Holy Bible.  Why not?  Everyone else has done it to suit their needs.

If you've read my previous post from the last few years, you'll know I do not consider the Bible to be the "Word of God."  For me it is a book that first began to be written down by an unknown writer during the reign of Solomon during the first years of the kingdom of Israel.  It was commissioned by King Solomon so that Israel could have a national history and narrative.  It was pulled out of thin air and oral tradition nearly 1000 years before the Christian era.  It was edited, changed and embellished several times before the Christians got a hold of it.  Then the followers of Christianity compiled, edited, added to, subtracted from, changed, fought over, killed each other and imprisoned each other, and finally came up with two versions that have evolved down to our present day with nearly a hundred and fifty different translations.  And still they fight over which version is the best.  So I applaud LGBT folks for this new translation.  

Want a copy, here is a link:  The Queen James Bible

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